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Karen Melliar-Smith

Karen Melliar-Smith

Karen Melliar-Smith

Home Base
Denver, CO
Nurse Anesthetist
Years on Atlas Racing

I began to snowshoe race as a way to cross train for the summer triathlon season. I quickly fell in love with the sport and the serenity each race entails. 2nd overall 2010 and 2013 beaver creek snowshoe series.

  • 6th place, 2008 US National Snowshoe Championships.
  • 6th place, 2008 Jeremy Wright Snowshoe Championships.
  • 1st 2008 Greenland Trail Run.
  • 3rd place, 2008 Xterra Buffalo Creek.
  • 8th place, 2008 Ironman Wisconsin.
  • 15th CDA Ironman
  • 10th Boulder Peak Triathlon
  • 3rd 5430 Long Course triathlon
  • 1st Harvest Moon Triathlon
  • 40th Hawaii Ironman
  • 6th 2007 Jeremy Wright Snowshoe Championships
  • 21st overall 2007 Bolder Boulder
  • 9th 2007 Buffalo Springs Triathlon
Season Goals
Continue to place at the Beaver Creek Snowshoe Series and to make it out to nationals this year.

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