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About Us

Who We Are

Atlas is a classic story about an idea that became a brand. The idea started in 1990 when fledgling entrepreneurs Perry Klebahn and Jim Klingbeil developed Spring Loaded Suspension. What began as a Stanford graduate project would become the foundation for the most technically innovative snowshoe brand.

Since its founding Atlas has remained committed to two prin­ciples:

  1. We believe that better technology delivers an enhanced experience for outdoor enthusiasts.
  2. Our role in build­ing up the sport of snowshoeing extends beyond product as ambassadors for winter wonder.

Dedication to the winter journey motivates Atlas to deliver the most technically advanced, high performance snowshoes avail­able today. With 19 patents and counting, Atlas continues its quest to design superior snowshoe products for the outdoor enthusiast.

Suspension Technology

Suspension Technology

Atlas snowshoes are equipped with our patented suspension technology for easy articulation on technical terrain.
V-Shape Frame

V-Shape Frame

A proprietary Atlas share, the V-Frame stacks straight in deep snow and the tapered tail pulls less snow as you step forward.
Gender Specific Design

Gender Specific Design

Our brand has a long history of unique product developed for the biometrical needs of men and women. This is called our Elektra Collection.

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