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Ryan Padilla

Ryan Padilla

Ryan Padilla

Home Base
Boulder, CO
Brand Strategy Consultant
Years on Atlas Racing

Thanks to my high school XC and track coach, my snowshoe racing initiation took place in 1996 as an impressionable 18-year-old. It wasn't until my senior year that I decided to run year-round, primarily in preparation for my upcoming collegiate racing career. Gone were the days of shooting endless free throws, learning a playbook, and running suicides on the basketball court. My new reality was logging cold, lonely miles in the foothills of Northern Colorado. Rocky would have been proud of my trail blazing efforts in the snow, minus the logs on my back of course.

It only seemed natural to test my winter fitness by entering a snowshoe race. Although concerned about the apparent pain and suffering involved, it took little convincing from my coach to get me to sign-up. I was a teenager and still invincible - or so I thought. It only took 100 yards and oxygen deprivation at 9,000 feet to teach me otherwise. I'll never forget that race. Total exhaustion but also totally hooked. Crossing the finish line gave new meaning to accomplishment and fulfillment as an endurance athlete.

Unfortunately, a terrible invention called "indoor track" prevented me from exploring the New England snowshoe racing scene while in college. Now it's over a decade later, and I'm back to my roots, trying with a vengeance to figure out how not to simulate that first race experience. I'm not sure it's possible - but that's the inherent challenge, and that's why I love it, especially since snowshoeing and snowshoe racing offer such a blissful escape from the sometimes demanding realities of life today.

  • 10th place, 2008 USATF Trail Natioanl Championships.
  • Top 100 finisher, 2008 Boston Marathon.
  • Top 50 finisher, 2007 NYC Marathon.
  • Team Champion, 2007 24 Hours of Boulder.
  • Perennial top finisher as road, trail, and snowshoe racer
  • 2006 Hawaiian Telecom Great Aloha Run Champion
  • 2006 Salomon 24 Hours of Frisco Team Champion
  • 2006 Salomon Gold Rush 10K Snowshoe Race - 2nd place
  • 2006 Swift Skedaddle 10K Snowshoe Race - 6th place
  • 2006 Screamin' Snowman 10K Snowshoe Race - 7th place
  • 2005 Boulder Backroads Half Marathon Champion
  • 2005 Golden Leaf Half Marathon Champion
  • Former Captain of Dartmouth Cross Country Team
  • Climbed all 54 of Colorado's 54 14,000-foot peaks
Season Goals

Continue to promote the Atlas brand and grow the sport of snowshoeing and snowshoe racing through my involvement in the Atlas Racing Team

Travel to a few marquee races outside the Rocky Mountain Region

Stay healthy and consistently compete at a high-level

Represent the Atlas Racing Team at the National Championships