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Jesse Haynes

Name: Jesse Haynes


Home Base: Cardiff, CA

Occupation: Operating Engineer

Years on Atlas Racing: 4

My Story:

I began snowshoeing in 1997 with a 5k race that fit well with my future active lifestyle. It was the first year I began doing anything in the way of competitive sports. Inspired by the success that my younger brother was having with high school cross-country and track, I thought I would put my lungs, heart and legs to the test and see how far I could push my own body. I quickly discovered that I loved the feeling.

My sport of choice in 1997 was cross-country mountain biking, but as the season came to a close I found myself wanting to feed my competitive hunger. Living in Wisconsin with the long cold winters, snowshoeing became my winter sport. The competition drive was great, and I really enjoyed the pre- and post-race conversation I had with the fellow racers. Many of them have become really good friends, and a couple in particular got me involved in some really unique events, like stairclimbs and crazy races like the four-day, 500 miles Border-to-Border triathlon (biking, running and canoeing).

I used to treat snowshoeing as a way to get more fit in the off-season for my mountain biking, but after racing mountain bikes for six years at the elite level I began to make the transition to using biking (mainly road) as training for my snowshoeing, especially after moving to California in 2003. Southern Cal is such a melting pot for triathletes and road racing that the sport I grew to love in Wisconsin just stuck with me, and I had something unique to introduce to the other competitive athletes that I race with today. So grab some shoes and give it a try.


Season Goals:
Do as many of the Beaver Creek races as possible, make the trip to Italy to do the Ciaspolada, and of course try to make the National Team again with the USSSA National Championships.