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Colleen Ihnken

Name: Colleen Ihnken


Home Base: Alma, CO

Occupation: Nurse Practitioner

Years on Atlas Racing: 6

My Story:

Darn it all, I AM competitive! This creates some stress at home as I am a new-ish mom, (my son Tarn is 17 months now), and at 43 I still think I can do it all. Basically, I love racing. I love how it challenges me, but most of all I think it is the camaraderie that I enjoy the most. At any given event I feel as if I am with my extended family. That said I am particular about the events I prefer - grassroots, freakin' tough, SCENIC, challenging courses.

That's what I adore about snowshoe racing. It is all of the above. I can remember my first race. Seems I spent most of my time face down in the snow trying to disentangle myself (from myself) and when not face down, sliding down. But I was hooked. I loved the challenge and man is it an aerobic workout! Egad!

I love being out in the woods, hopping over logs, crossing streams, ricocheting off trees on a steep downhill, watching my dogs get face shots. I also enjoy that snowshoeing is a sport for any and all. When friends and family come to town it's easy for me to strap them into a pair, strap Tarn onto my back and head out into the woods. I support my habit by working as a Nurse Practitioner in Fairplay, Colorado along with moonlighting in the Emergency Room in Frisco, Colorado.


  • Xterra Winter Worlds, 2nd female 40 - 49
  • Lake City 50 –– 1st place 40 – 45
  • Summit Trail Running Series Champion, Female, Age 40-49
  • Solomon 7 K Gold Rush Snowshoe Race, 1st female.
  • Sage Burner 50 K, 1st place female, 40 – 49
  • Elk Mountain Traverse Backcountry Ski Race, 2nd place female team 40 – 49.
  • Swift Skedaddle Snowshoe Race, 2nd female
  • Turquoise Lake 20 mile Snowshoe Race, 1st female
  • Run For the Mountains 10 K trail race, 1st female
  • Run Rabbit Run, 50-mile trail race, 1st female, Master’s division.
  • Swift Skeddadle Snowshoe Race USSSA National Qualifier, Breckenridge, Colorado, 2nd place female 40-49.
  • Arapahoe Basin Marmot Grind, 1st place Telemark Division.
  • Season Goals:
    Race more. I would also like to do the National Championships. I qualified last year but didn't think the course suited me. This year in Colorado, hopefully the race will consist of plenty of stump jumping, butt sliding and single track.