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Groomed & Flat Terrain


The Atlas Race is our cornerstone race snowshoe, built to lead the pack.

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Atlas Speed Series snowshoes create the industry standard for winter running enthusiasts, delivering lightweight durability without compromising your natural stride.

The Atlas Race snowshoe will give you the ultimate competitive edge. Driven by our unisex, race-specific frame and Spring-Loaded™ Suspension system, the Race stays close underfoot and allows you to maintain your natural running stride even over inconsistent terrain. Featuring the featherweight LightSpeed Pro™ binding, the Race further lightens your load using our industry-leading titanium toe and heel traction.


Ti Toe and Heel Traction

Ti Toe and Heel Traction

Ounces matter, so we designed the traction of our Race snowshoe with titanium toe and heel crampons for the sure footing with no weight penalty.
Spring-Loaded Suspension

Spring-Loaded Suspension

An Atlas tenet from the beginning, Atlas' patented Spring-Loaded™ Suspension (SLS) keeps the snowshoe close underfoot for easy maneuvering and suspends your foot so it can move freely with its intended articulation. The suspension absorbs impact and lets your foot flex naturally side-to-side for a comfortable, stable position on traverses and uneven terrain. SLS enhances traction control too, as the flex provides deeper crampon penetration into the slope, especially on steep or off-angle terrain.
LightSpeed Pro Binding

LightSpeed Pro Binding

The lightest binding Atlas has ever constructed, the LightSpeed Pro Binding is designed to hold the foot securely for exact placement on technical trails.
Speed V-Frame

Speed V-Frame

Made of durable & lightweight aluminum, Atlas Speed V-Frame shapes are designed to prevent frame clipping at full sprint while still providing maximum floatation with the signature Atlas V-Frame tracking straight in deep snow.
Nytex Decking

Nytex Decking

Flexible Nytex decking is forgiving and quiet when hiking in the cold, providing durability without the weight.


Product Size Chart
Model Size Surface Area Weight/PR Load
Race 22 in (56 cm) 134 sq in
(865 sq cm)
2.16 lbs (0.98kg) 75-190 lbs
(34-86 kg)


  1. Place the ball of your foot even with the ball of foot circle on the footbed, with the buckles to the outside.
  2. Align your foot straight on the snowshoe, then tighten the instep by pulling the FlowTapeTM Uniloop strap.
  3. Thread the heel strap through the metal opening and loop back over the prong to secure.
  4. Stow the Uniloop strap and heel straps in the strap clips.
  5. To release, unclip the straps from the strap clips. Pull the heel strap to release it off the prong then pull the buckle release arch to release the buckle levers on the instep.


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