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Elektra 9 Series

Elektra 9 Series

Variable & Rolling Terrain


Atlas technology at a great value with minimal resistance over uneven and side hill terrain.

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Free Shipping on all orders over $100


The Elektra 9 Series women's snowshoes feature Free-Rotating™ Suspension (FRS) for natural articulation with minimal resistance. The comfortable Wrapp™ Trail binding uses smooth strap routing that cradles the foot securely. Whether you’re new to snowshoeing or looking for Atlas technology at a great value, the women's 9 Series snowshoe is built to explore winter’s rolling terrain.

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Product Size Chart
Model Size Surface Area Weight/PR Load
E923 23 in (58 cm) 145 sq in
(935 sq cm)
3.87 lbs (1.76 kg) 80-160 lbs
(51-91 kg)
E927 27 in (69 cm) 176 sq in
(1135 sq cm)
4.02 lbs (1.82 kg) 120-200+ lbs
(68-113+ kg)