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9 Series Kit

9 Series Kit

Variable & Rolling Terrain


Snowshoes, poles & tote for easy storage.

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The Atlas 9-Series snowshoe features our patent-pending Free-Rotating™ Suspension for a comfortable walking platform with minimal resistance. Engineered for winter performance to keep you fit all year long.

These packs include:
  • The great performance and value of the Atlas 9 Series FRS men's snowshoe
  • The 6000 Series 2-Part Poles.
  • A zippered Snowshoe Tote for easy carrying and storage
Learn about the suspension technique used in Atlas Snowshoes


Product Size Chart
Model Size Surface Area Weight/PR Load
925 25 in (64 cm) 176 sq in
(1135 sq cm)
4.21 lbs (1.91 kg) 120-200 lbs
(51-91 kg)
930 30 in (76 cm) 221 sq in
(1432 sq cm)
4.55 lbs (2.06 kg) 150-250+ lbs
(68-113+ kg)